Beautiful moments

What's your story?

Beautiful moments

What's your story?

Beautiful moments

What's your story?

Beautiful moments

What's your story?

Beautiful moments

What's your story?

Beautiful moments

What's your story?

Beautiful moments

What's your story?

Beautiful moments

What's your story?

Beautiful moments

What's your story?

"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. " ~ Imogen Cunningham ~

Meet Laura

Things I believe….

  • My sons are simply the best people I know and they make me strive to be a better person on a daily basis. They are my heroes because they make me laugh out loud every day.
  • My husband is the smartest person I know and my biggest supporter. I’m thankful that he puts up with too many nights of take-out and my insane editing hours.
  • The only reason I exercise is because I love Tex-Mex and good Cajun food!
  • I am the happiest when I surround myself with friends and family.
  • After living in New Orleans for 25 years, it’s in my soul and that’s hard to explain to most people who are not from there.
  • I am a crybaby. I cry A LOT ~ at movies, commercials, Facebook posts, even when the Saints score a touchdown. It’s okay … life is to be celebrated.
  • Audrey Hepburn embodies elegance, grace and beauty. I try to put a little Audrey into every day.
  • Every High School Senior Ambassador I have ever worked with has surpassed my wildest expectations.
  • I adore pink!

When I graduated from college with a B.A. in Education, I had no idea I would end up where I am today. My journey started in New Orleans and led me to teaching positions in Long Beach, California and Nice, France. When I moved home from France, I received a graduate degree in Counseling at the University of Texas in Austin.

After many years of preparation, I knew exactly who I want to photograph and what I wanted that experience to be for each client. This last year has been unbelievable! I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many of the talented professionals that I’ve  admired throughout the years. These professionals have encouraged me and challenged me to grow to levels I never knew I could achieve.

I strive to deliver not only a beautiful, artistic product along with a superior level of service, but to tell each client’s unique story in a way that every client deserves from their portrait experience. I will continue my pursuit of life-long learning and growth in order to keep that level of commitment to my clients. I am forever grateful for your support.



“Working with Laura Reed Photography has been an absolute joy. My senior session was fun and playful and the pictures turned out incredible. I'm so happy to be working with the Laura Reed Photography team and am thankful for the amazing photos and opportunities the ambassador program has offered me.”


“I am always amazed with the results Laura gets with her photography. She is truly gifted at capturing artistic glimpses of the world, as well as creating beautiful portraiture.”


“Laura, you are the best! Your commitment to detail is outstanding. You really helped Hayden feel comfortable and he truly enjoyed every moment today. Can't wait to see the pics! ”


“Laura is a true artist. She learns about her clients to capture who they are rather than who the photographer thinks they should be.”



How do I book a Session?

Call the studio or fill out our contact form

What is a Consultation?

This is a Pre-session meeting when we discuss wardrobe, location, the type of session you want such as urban, city, country or home. We also determine any props you may want to include in your session, who will be photographed and how to customize your session to tell your unique story. We also fill out any necessary forms and paperwork at this session, book an actual session date, the Session fee is collected and we set a date for your Premier Sales Appointment.

What is a wardrobe consultation?

A wardrobe consultation is included in your session fee and part of the Laura Reed Photography experience! I can help you choose your clothing for your session because I know it seems overwhelming at times. Based on our Consultation, I have a pretty good idea of what your style is like, so I can help you pick shoes, jewelry, accessories, jackets, scarves, hats, etc. Bring it all to the studio an hour before your session starts and we can go through all of your things and you are free to choose from the assortment of clothing I have in the studio hanging on the rack as well. Mix and match my things with yours! It’s always fun to have new things on in a photo shoot. I have shoes, hats, scarves, jewelry, and more!

Tell me about Hair and Make Up.

Although hair and makeup isn’t a requirement, I strongly recommend having this done. This is such a special event in your life marking a moment in time and the difference in photographs between professional makeup and doing it yourself is remarkable.

We have incredibly talented make up artists on staff at LRP.

Sara Domi of Propaganda Hair Group has been with me for 6 years and she is a Rock Star! Because she has gained SO much international attention in the last couple of years, she isn’t always available, but we can always check her availability. I was extremely fortunate to meet to Rianna Alberty of Rimix Cosmetics just recently. Rimix is Rianna’s own line of cosmetics and she has a beauty bar at Bella Salon. She worked closely with industry professionals in London and LA and came up with sweat-proof and waterproof makeup that is UNREAL! I’ve seen her amazing products put to the test for 4 hours in 104 degree Texas temps!

Let me know at your Consultation and I can book either Sara or Rianna for you! Check them out!

What does a Session look like?

If you are getting Hair and Make Up, you will need to be at the studio about an hour and a half prior to your session. We generally go to 2-3 locations for a High School Senior and one location for a Family. Senior sessions have unlimited outfit changes and we are on location for about 3 hours. Family sessions usually last 1-1.5 hours.

Any special tips for the session?

Show up for Hair and Makeup with clean dry hair.

Get a mani/pedi the day before your shoot with neutral colors or clear polish. If you don’t have time, make sure your nails are clean and any chipped nail polish has been touched up.

Do not get a hair cut within a week of your session or try a new cut.

Make sure your clothing is freshly ironed and fits well.

Make sure your outfits are varied in style and represent who you are.

Drink lots of water in the last few days before your session for freshly hydrated skin and a healthy glow!

Bring your favorite music play list to the shoot for fun jams!

Gentleman should be clean shaven.

When can I see my images?

Approximately 2 weeks after your portrait session, you will come to the studio for your Premier Sales Appointment. At this appointment you will see about 60 images for Seniors and about 40 images for families. These images will have basic cropping and color correction and a few of them will have been professionally retouched. After viewing the images, you will then place your order; a 50% deposit will be required at this meeting. Please make sure all people who are responsible for making final decisions are at this meeting. This meeting takes approximately 2 -2.5 hours.

Do you have a minimum order?

I do not have a minimum order. I offer Senior Collections for High School Seniors and I have an A La Carte Portrait Investment for Seniors and Families.

How can I pay?

I accept cash and checks. We also accept most major credit cards; there is a 1% service fee on all credit card transactions.

How soon will my products get in?

Once your order is placed at the Premier Sales Appointment, it will generally take 2 weeks for standard prints and canvases, and 3 weeks for custom albums and framed portraiture. Edited images will go into a Sticky App for sharing immediately.


Senior Session

Book Your Senior Session Here

Family Session

Book Your Family Session Here


POSTED BY: Melissa Simmons

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